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The Tiny Date Bar Necklace

The Tiny Date Bar Necklace

$34.00 $34.00

A date on the calendar doesn't seem like a big deal right? It comes around again in 12 months... but that year does not. That day, that moment in time, those 24 hours, won't. A date on the calendar is a date in time, a moment, a memory. Hold onto that. - Storyline Jewelry
  • 0.59" / 24g Sterling Silver bar / chain
  • Hand stamped in our tiniest font
  • Letters are not darkened
  • Leave your date in a note at checkout
  • All dates will be created using periods, for example: 8.4.19
  • 8 character limit. Due to the size of this bar we cannot put 0 before any single number for example: 08.04.19