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The Raindrop Necklace {Moonstone}
The Raindrop Necklace {Moonstone}
The Raindrop Necklace {Moonstone}

The Raindrop Necklace {Moonstone}


Our raindrop moonstone necklace is by far the prettiest piece we have ever designed. Hand-wrapped detail makes each necklace as special as the one wearing it. This piece is perfect for everyday wear with the incredible meanings of moonstone, and is also the  perfect piece for a bride or bridal party. 

"As ancient of the moon itself, the meaning of moonstone lies within its energy." Moonstone is believed to bring hope, enhance feminine energies, sensitivity, and intuition. It also has many protection and healing properties. moonstone is known for as the stone of new beginnings and growth. Moonstone is also the birthstone for the month of June. 

  •  Rainbow moonstone 
  •  Sterling silver

*Each necklace is wrapped by hand and each moonstone is slightly different. Contact us about creating these for your Bridal Party.