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Our Story

Welcome to our Storyline

Storyline was created with a simple quote: 'for the love of music & handmade jewelry.' Inspired by Nashville, Tennessee, and dreaming of things that shine... Every piece of Storyline Jewelry is handmade {just for you} in our studio. We believe there is something very special about a personalized piece of jewelry that you never take off. Don’t you think?

Our goal is to empower every soul and write a small part in a chapter of their Storyline... 


Meet Our Founder

Hallie Croft is the owner, designer, and creator of Storyline Jewelry. At a young she found her passion for jewelry and music, given her first jewelry creating kit as a child; her passion for jewelry grew as she did. Jump to Fall of 2014, she put both of her passions together and created the 'Storyline Charm Bracelet.'

Inspired by country artist, Hunter Hayes; she designed, created and sent over twenty of the charm bracelets to other fans of the artist as special gifts; making each bracelet by hand. Each charm had a special story to tell, just like each person who received it. She kept designing and creating, and in Spring of 2015, Storyline Jewelry was born.

In Fall of 2015, was launched. Since then, Storyline has had the chance to work with and is still working with amazing artists, charities, and people.

Changing the world one heart at a time. 

In 2016, Storyline had a game-changer when we added hand-stamped bar necklaces to our jewelry line after receiving a special request/order from country princess, Kelsea Ballerini.

If you ever meet Hallie or see a photo of her, we promise she won't be without her Storyline bar necklace from our 'Handwritten Collection' engraved with "la vie est belle" (French) handwrote for her by the incredible person who made Storyline Jewelry possible, Hunter Hayes; as a reminder: no matter what life brings, it is always beautiful.

La Vie Est Belle | Life is Beautiful

We create jewelry inspired by music and beautiful souls. Our name was inspired by the song 'Storyline' by Hunter Hayes. We believe you should always 'write your own Storyline.' Our goal is to inspire every soul who wears a piece of Storyline Jewelry. Take a look around and

Welcome to our Storyline.


photo by: @xo.kinley