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midnights apparel available now! free domestic shipping on orders over $100 midnights apparel available now! free domestic shipping on orders over $100
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More Regulated Than Guns Tee


if a man talks shit then i owe him nothing…
The Charm Bracelet

After, the collection

live happily ever,  After.

Midnights Crewneck

All Apparel

tee & crews created in our studio right beside our jewelry.
The Lakes Bracelet

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write your own storyline.
If A Man Talks Shit Uterus Tee


styles by storyline. created in our studio, just like our jewelry.

As It Was Tote Bag

As It Was (mini drop)

I want you to hold out the palm of your hand, why don’t we just leave it at that?

Best Sellers

The “to the Moon and to Saturn” Necklace

Best Selling

our best selling pieces 

The “Thread of Gold” Bracelet


The Bridgerton Bee Wax Seal Necklace


Dearest gentle reader,

We are delighted to introduce our newest collection, inspired by our favorite London society…

The Horoscope Disc Necklace

Count The Stars Collection

take a break and count the stars...
Betty’s Garden Tee

Early Spring Apparel Launch the garden would you trust me if I told you it was just a summer thing?
'All of The Colors' Butterfly Earrings

Earrings | Ear Cuffs

“Your Heart Was Glass, I Dropped It” Necklace

evermore collection

the new collection inspired by closets of backlogged dreams...
Gift Card

Gift Card

You’re So Golden Tee

Golden Apparel

you’re so golden…
Handwritten: The Rose Gold Bar


write your own storyline 

Large Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Herkimer Diamond

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