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The Charm Bracelet

After, the collection

live happily ever,  After.

The (Taylor’s Version) Ring

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write your own storyline.
The “Thread of Gold” Bracelet


The Starlight Necklace

Count The Stars Collection

take a break and count the stars...
The Victoria Ear Cuff

Earrings | Ear Cuffs

Dom Pérignon Ring Set

evermore collection

the new collection inspired by closets of backlogged dreams...
Gift Card

Gift Card

Handwritten: The Rose Gold Bar


write your own storyline 

Large Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Herkimer Diamond

The Charm Bracelet

Holiday Gift Guide

find the special gift for the special someone.
Karyn, The Snake Ring

Kaleidoscope: a Lover collection

the 2019 collection inspired by Lover
TPWK Bar Necklace



Why don't you recognize I'm so Rare? a limited-edition line by Storyline Jewelry.

Fearless Ring


Area 51 Necklace

Roswell, New Mexico Collection

the alien invasion inspired by the hit series, Roswell, New Mexico
'Treat People With Kindness' Tiny Bar Necklace

Sterling Silver

The Evermore Stack Ring {Eras Collection}

The Eras Collection

the new stack ring collection inspired by every t.s. era
The (Taylor’s Version) Ring

The Fearless Collection

...but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless.
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